Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Spoils From the Sacramento Card Show

I'd already been planning a visit to Sacramento, CA this past Saturday, and noticed in my usual travels around the internet that it dovetailed with a card show that just happened to be occurring the same day I was visiting. How about that, folks? And as I'd mentioned, I'd never been to a card show before. I picked a pretty good one to go to.

This one took place at a Crowne Plaza Hotel in North Sacramento. For people trying to build vintage sets - like me - it was gold. (Actually basketball collectors, of which I am not one, probably made out great at this thing as well). I really focused on 1965 Topps, and came away with a bunch of cards from that set - not just commons, but even a few ringers - for not a whole lot of money. I'll post some of these in an upcoming post. 

'65 was what I really spent my time on, but also grabbed a bunch of 1972 Topps, along with odds and ends, both on my want list and just because it looked cool and fit my price range. The big-dollar card I bought was a 1962 Juan Marichal in fantastic shape, which I paid $18 for. Virtually everything else I bought ranged from a quarter to about $3. 

I actually found it all a little overwhelming, and though I arrive at 9:45am, about 45 minutes after it started, by 11am it was already wall-to-wall with elbows, testosterone and bros. And you know - one can do a lot of damage to one's wallet in a mere 75 minutes. So I exited - but not before grabbing some of what you see here.

Some 1976 Topps heroes for my player collections:

Some 1958 Topps baseball cards, all in really good shape, none of whom I've ever heard of:

A card that I forgot I already had, but that will look good in my Willie McCovey player collection - so "no harm done":

A couple of vintage heroes, just because I'd like to have them:

....and then, just stuff that I grabbed because it fit either a player collection or a spot on a want list. There were many of these; here are two of them. More in a future post!


  1. Nice cards. Have you read The Great American Baseball Card Flipping, Trading, and Bubble Gum Book? It's a great book, described by some as the bible of card collecting, and I mention it because Carlton Willey is a player featured in it. It's a great book about card collecting in the '50s and '60s.

  2. Glad you found some goodies at the show. I've been to that one a couple of times. Most recently in late 2019 with SumoMenkoMan. I'd like to get back out there at some point and look for the guy with the really cheap IP/TTM autographs.


  3. Good choices. The Tiant is a classic from childhood. The Allen is a rare standout in what I think is a pretty boring set in '66.


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