Thursday, July 29, 2021

My Super-Random Autograph Pile

It's hard not to get just a little bit excited every time I'm sent an autograph card or bust open a pack with one. It no doubt stems from my childhood, when I'd attempt to get an autograph from anyone even remotely famous, including a guy on our street who played college baseball for San Jose State, which I thought made him a total celebrity. 

That said, I don't really collect autographed cards at all - but then again, I squirrel away any of them that I get. So yeah, I guess I kind of collect them. I've got some doozies, too. Guys I've never heard of. Guys you've never heard of. Prospects who made it as far a Single-A ball. 8 different Pablo Sandoval autograph cards. Tim Raines. Some random Giants only me and seven other Giants fans remember.

I just pulled out nine of the autograph cards semi-randomly and scanned them up for you here. The winner is probably Zack Wheeler, at least in terms of desirability. I'm partial to Darin Ruf, who's been raking for the Giants this year and might be my new favorite player.

See which one you like the best! (Oh - and the one you can't read very well below is Jason Kipnis of the then-Cleveland Indians, now the Guardians). 


  1. Cameron wins this round. Nice power / speed combo. Three Gold Gloves.

  2. I like that Wheeler so much, I bought one too! (Bought it on eBay back in 2019 at a very good price.)

  3. Nice collection. That Wheeler is nice, especially with the season he is having.

  4. I liked Mike Cameron quite a bit, and saw a lot of him when he was with the Mariners. Solid player, and seemed like a good dude off the field too. As a fan, you can't ask too much more than that.

  5. I'm not much of an autograph collector myself but I do like a good on-card, in person autograph now and then!

  6. I'm not much of an autograph collector myself. I won't totally dismiss one should I pull one as a hit or something though. The best though are the on-card, in person autographs. Those are just special!


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