Monday, July 19, 2021

A Good Time To Be Shohei Ohtani

I'd say Shohei Otani had a pretty good week last week, wouldn't you agree? Positioned as the new face of baseball; started the All-Star Game as a pitcher; took part in the Home Run Derby; and - the week before that - hit some absolutely legendary home run bombs.

The man's baseball card stock is, uh, shall we say, going up. I was at D&P Sports Cards in Sacramento on Saturday, and they had a bunch of unpriced Ohtani cards in their new arrivals. Hoping that they'd all be in the $1-$5 range, I pulled out every one I could find - only to have them look up the prices online (the nerve!), and see that they're now going for $15-$50 a pop. They were totally cool about it, but I'm just not ready to go there with this guy right now. I like collecting players because I dig the player, but the speculation part of it just isn't my bag.

I do collect Ohtani, though. Earlier in the day I was at a card show and picked up some much more affordable cards of his, which you're now looking at. And check this out; tonight, Monday July 19th, Ohtani is pitching in Oakland, CA against the A's, and I shall be there. I chose this game to go to somewhat at random, hoping that the 20% chance of Ohtani getting his turn to pitch would fall on this very day. And here we are.

Anyway, here's some of his cards!


  1. Those are some wonderful looking Ohtanis. I'm jealous!

  2. 15-50 dollars a card?! What were they? Inserts and rookies? I’m pretty sure I could find some in my LCS .50 cent box and if I had them randomly dispersed in a bigger pile I could find some for you. I had no idea his stuff was going for that much. Crazy.

  3. There was definitely his Bowman rookie in there - they told me that was a $50 card now (!). The others were either numbered or just hard to find, I guess...

  4. I sold some cards of his and got like 7 bucks a card. Per usual I think a lot of the hype is locked in graded cards.

  5. I was big on Shohei right from the start, and I have a decent collection of his 2018 rookies in my binders. I'm sometimes tempted to sell 'em, but I'm too big of a fan of his to do it.

    I really like the '78 insert because it's one of the very few times Topps has ever tried replicating that design. God knows we've seen enough '52 Topps rehashings for a few lifetimes.

  6. That's awesome that you were able to see him pitch in person. Last night was sort of the perfect storm. Ohtani pitched well... but my beloved A's still got the win. As for his cards, I've stopped searching for his rookie cards. They're too pricey. But when/if they hype ever dies down, I do eventually want to add a few more to my collection.


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