Sunday, November 20, 2022

Pandemic Pretender; or, Cards for Sale!

Hey everyone - well, yeah, it has been quite a few months since I last spoke up in this space, and during that time I pretty much came to the conclusion that my crazed card-collecting hobby had mostly run its course. While I started accumulating before 2020 for sure, the bulk of this hobby was cemented in 2020-2021, which you might remember as a time when there were more than a few "pandemic pretenders" who all of a sudden collected cards.

As it happens, I'm really happy with what I pulled together. It was a blast, and I have a few binders' worth of things I'm definitely keeping and continuing to build upon. But I'm pretty much selling the rest

I don't have anything all that amazing, but I definitely have stuff that some folks might be interested in - you set-completers, player collectors and general accumulators. Some vintage, some not. It's really demoralizing to try and get all this stuff on eBay and have it just sit, but I do have a few things there at all times if you want to look there as well

The rest is all on the list linked below; if you see something you like, make me an offer by emailing me at, and if it's even close to fair, the answer will be YES. 

Here's the list.