Sunday, November 20, 2022

Pandemic Pretender; or, Cards for Sale!

Hey everyone - well, yeah, it has been quite a few months since I last spoke up in this space, and during that time I pretty much came to the conclusion that my crazed card-collecting hobby had mostly run its course. While I started accumulating before 2020 for sure, the bulk of this hobby was cemented in 2020-2021, which you might remember as a time when there were more than a few "pandemic pretenders" who all of a sudden collected cards.

As it happens, I'm really happy with what I pulled together. It was a blast, and I have a few binders' worth of things I'm definitely keeping and continuing to build upon. But I'm pretty much selling the rest

I don't have anything all that amazing, but I definitely have stuff that some folks might be interested in - you set-completers, player collectors and general accumulators. Some vintage, some not. It's really demoralizing to try and get all this stuff on eBay and have it just sit, but I do have a few things there at all times if you want to look there as well

The rest is all on the list linked below; if you see something you like, make me an offer by emailing me at, and if it's even close to fair, the answer will be YES. 

Here's the list.


  1. It looks like you're giving up on all of your sets too, That's a shame, but also very relatable. Do you plan to keep the blog up and running?

    1. Hey Jon, probably not, but you never know - I get inspired sometimes and will post in flurries...

    2. We'll take the occasional post over nothing!

  2. I'm kind the other end of the Pandemic Pretender. I slowed down on collecting in 2020-21 and started selling stuff... but the past few months I've started buying here and there. Although... I doubt I'll ever spend money on cards again like I did five years ago. Good luck with your sales.

  3. Jay I sent your haves list to a group of my trading buds, some in CA, so they may reach out to you.

  4. Hate to see true Collectors go. All the best to you and hope to see you return

  5. Hi Jay....I too came to the realization that collecting is a never ending chase and have flamed out. Will keep what I have, not accumulating anymore...and I have probably 50k dupes of quality HOFers and HOGGs (Hall Of Good Guys)...just gotta sort, sell it and ship it


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