Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Short Joey Bart Interlude

He may not ever come back to the major leagues, but I'm still collectin' "hot San Francisco Giants prospect" Joey Bart, the heir apparent to Buster Posey as the Giants' catcher of the future. When he got tagged as their #1 top prospect a couple of years ago, the card manufacturing companies roared into action, as there's money to be made in prospect cards - as I'm sure you're aware.

Gullible guys like me are the reason why. We want to believe. We want to be there on the ground floor. Plus - you know - it's the thrill of the chase and all that. Bart is actually have a great season at AAA Sacramento this year, although he's still striking out too much, and the Giants' coaching staff are trying to bend his swing into something Major League-worthy. Here's hoping they do.

And here are 3 new cards of his that I just picked up!


  1. I got his Bowman rookie card just in case. We'll see.

  2. I hope he gets another shot in the show soon. Posey is one of my favorite players but I bought into a Stadium Club break to pull the Bart RC (which I did.)

    Also I like doing a Homer Simpson grunt whenever I see his name Bart!

  3. I've heard of him for ever but wasn't even certain he made it to the Bigs without just checking his stats. He's young, he'll be ok!


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