Friday, June 4, 2021

Check Out These 2021 Bowman Chromes

As promised in yesterday's post, I'm now sharing the handful of 2021 Bowman Chrome cards that I picked up. Unlike most of the Chromes in my collection, these scan beautifully. For once, they look as nice in these scans as they do in real life.

Again, I only really picked up my guys this time. There are two cards from an insert set called "Rookie of the Year Favorites", and the two cards I got are dudes who aren't even in the majors yet this year, as of June. I do not think Joey Bart in particular will be winning NL Rookie of the Year, but Jo Adell? Who knows what he'll do in the AL if they ever actually call the man up.

You'll also see two inserts from "Bowman Scouts Top 100 prospects", along with a few regular Chrome cards, which, as I mentioned, look pretty phenomenal. Oh, and check out my SF Giants 2021 Bowman "Talent Pipeline" Chrome card (#TP-SFG), which highlights three ringers currently in the minors who may be raking and blazing at a major league ballpark near you one of these days.


  1. The shiny blue ones look really nice.

  2. Hope we get to see more of Joey Bart in 2021. Seems like he's been doing well in Sacramento.

  3. Nice pickups! I actually snagged the Adell in a pack, so that was cool. This year's Bowman look really nice and are fun to rip.


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