Sunday, June 27, 2021

El Tiante!

Every now and again I get the idea to collect a certain player whom I hadn't considered before, and I proceed accordingly. One of you bloggers out there posted a Luis Tiant card recently and I got to thinking that he might be the guy I go with next. I'm old enough to remember Tiant as both a Red Sox ace and a Yankees starter; his days with Cleveland and Minnesota pre-date my baseball sentience. 

So I hopped on over to the usual sites and rustled up some Luis Tiant cards - the ones I'm posting for you here. I'm now 5-deep into a Tiant collection, and have a couple of questions. What was the deal with him in 1971, when he pitched for two different teams in the minors, before coming up to the Red Sox and going 1-7? (Mind you, this is after going 21-9 with a 1.50 ERA for Cleveland in 1968!). Probably just an injury and rehab, right? By 1972 he was certainly back on the horse - 15-6 with a 1.91 ERA. Phenomenal.

Then there's that mustache/beard combo he was rocking in 1976 - check out the '77 Hostess card below. I don't really have a question on this one. This is the Tiant I remember. I suppose my question is: weren't the 70s something? 

Any of you have any Tiant doubles sitting around gathering dust & want to make a swap of something, you just give Card Hemorrhage a holler now, you hear?


  1. I'm a Tiant fan -- he's the first pitcher I remember throwing in a World Series (1975). I've posted about him quite a bit.

    I don't remember that All-Time Fan Favorites card. I'm in the process of completing that set so I'll have to double-check and see that Tiant is in there!

  2. Tiant is one of those guys that I'm familiar with the name... but don't have any specific memories of him from his playing days. By the time I was actively following baseball and tracking stats, he was in the final years of his career.

    Did you make it out to the Fairfield card show this past weekend?

    1. No, I was in Southern California until Saturday night....I'd love to hit up a card show - please let me know when one is happening in the greater Bay Area....!

    2. There's a show @ the South SF Conference Center on July 24th from 9 to 5.

    3. Tiant's windup had him facing away from the batter for a moment. (Way before Fernando Valenzuela's famous "look to the sky" windup.)

  3. Saw him take a no-hitter into the 7th in one of the first major league games I attended, in 1975. Big fan here. Loved that corkscrew windup.

  4. I've got an extra 1970 Topps if you wanna trade for it.


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