Monday, June 7, 2021

What The CardBarrel Order Dragged In

Another week, another "impromptu" order from CardBarrel over here at Card Hemorrhage. Oh, there are new cards out from Bowman, Panini, Donruss et al? Next thing I know I've rung up $25+ in cards - in order to get the free shipping, of course - and then they arrive a week later and I'm like, oh yeah. I did order that.

This post is designed to document my most recent of CardBarrel excursions. To your left you'll find card #TN-2 from 2021 Topps Heritage. This is a set I am actually attempting to collect in full, and you know - except for those short-print higher numbers, I'm doing OK on it so far. I'd be delighted to take your doubles off your hands, as long as they're cards I don't already have, and send you something in return. 

And hey, how about these "Artist's Palette" inserts from 2021 Panini? I picked out the two guys I needed from this mini-set and I'm pretty happy w/ how they're looking:

The card from this order that I'm most excited about by far is a 2021 Pablo Sandoval. I wasn't sure if I'd ever see another new card of his again, and it's his first Atlanta Braves card - though if you look at the relic itself, it's almost certainly a San Francisco Giants uniform they've stuffed in there, right? Is that orange I'm seeing?

I'm a little confused about these two Bowman cards here. Are they inserts from the main Bowman 2021 set? I can't remember. I was just clickin' and buyin'. 

Finally, here are two familiar fellas, this time on their main 2021 Panini cards. That's what I've got. Until next time!


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