Thursday, October 29, 2020

Padrographs To The Rescue

I've never quite received a card care package like the one I got from Rod at Padrographs this week. He'd seen my post last week about trying to pull together the Topps Heritage 2020 Minor Leagues set, and offers to fill in 53 of the gaps in my want list - which he promptly did. Amazing.

Moreover, the man took note of me saying something about collecting 1971 Topps baseball as well - on which this 2020 minor leagues set is based - and put together every double and straggler he had around. Even friggin' Carl Yastrzemski! And a bunch of San Francisco Giants to boot. I'll get to scanning those in posts to come. Really phenomenal generosity from Rod. Go check out his longtime blog if you have a moment. 

So I thought I'd scan a few of these 2020 Heritage Minors cards. I decided to pick only guys whose names I was familiar with. Of the 53 new arrivals, that was about 9 of them - but that's what makes prospect cards so fun, right? Three years from now one of these fellas is going to be a household name, at least in households that care about baseball. I only have 15 base and short-print cards from this set on my want list, the fabled "catbird seat" of card collecting, right? Anywhere, here are 5 more dudes.


  1. Rod is a great guy... and very generous. He's helped build a lot of bloggers collections over the years.

  2. This seems like a very Rod thing to do :)


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