Friday, October 1, 2021

A Sextet of New Age Performers

Each year Topps Heritage baseball contains a subset of "New Age Performers", typically rookies. I guess it's pretty much always rookies, or at least "new guys". I like this subset. I'm going after the entire 2021 Topps Heritage set, so naturally I need these to be a part of my completist quest for the whole thing.

My most recent CardBarrel order netted me another six of these. Max Fried I already had, but he's also one of the player collections I'm building, so of course I needed another one. These are short prints and a little tougher to track down; I was at a card show in South San Francisco a month or two ago and some of the earlier New Age Performer subsets were in a 25-cent box, so I excitedly grabbed as many as I could without fumbling them all over the floor.

Anyway, here's the sextet I just grabbed from 2021 Heritage.


  1. I like the Verdugo, but I wonder what he's trying to do with his hands there..

  2. I think most of those guys are NOT rookies, actually. As a Met fan I know McNeil's rookie cards were in 2019.

  3. Are you going to the South San Francisco Card Show in two weeks? If so, stop by and say hello. I'll be setting up.


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