Monday, October 18, 2021

Random Acts of Scanning

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay there. Been a big 11 days since we last blogged over here; since then I've traveled to New York City, Tucson and back home again twice. Meanwhile, new cards arrived in the mail, and I thought I'd scan a few of them up here as I return back to blogging about cards. You know what I mean?

Like how about this guy, currently getting ready to dispatch the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NLCS? This is an early card in the early Topps Throwback Thursday online series, something I secured off of eBay last week just because I dig Ozzie Albies and thought I might like to have this card. It's apparently based on a 1977-78 Topps Footballers design, by which I believe they mean soccer football. 

Another thing I've been working on for a while now is the complete San Francisco Giants Topps team sets from 1962 through 1981. The struggle has been the 60s, of course. A card that had remained out of my reach (and price range) was the 1969 Bobby Bonds rookie card - so what I did was buy this kinda off-centered one. I mean, it is what it is. I know many of you collectors like to upgrade when you're collecting a set, and I suppose I might do the same with this Bonds card at some point.

One set I've completed already - base cards, at least, is 2020 Topps Heritage Minor Leagues. I love this set, as it's based on 1971 Topps, including the "Play Baseball Scratch-Off" inserts. I'm now trying to pick those up, and secured these two recently:

Also saw this 1980 Kellogg's Ross Grimsley card on the Dime Boxes blog a couple of weeks ago and that was it - I leapt into SportLots and bought one immediately:

My Wilbur Wood collection also got two cards stronger! "Baseball's Greatest Pitchers"? Sure, why not?

Here's another one I needed to build up the San Francisco Giants team sets - this one a Gaylord Perry rookie season appearance for 1963 Topps:

...and another pitching legend here as part of 1972 Topps:

And finally, two superstars of their day on some Canadian cards. See you next time.

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