Saturday, November 27, 2021

Card Show Hemorrhage, Part Two

As discussed in my most recent post, I spent several hours last weekend at the Bay Area Sports Cards & Memorabilia Expo in Fairfield, CA. I went a little overboard, as one does. If you're okay with yet another "look what I got" post on this blog, I'll scan up & show ya a little bit of what I got.

My big goals for the show was to try and make a dent in the two sets I'm most rabid about collecting: 1972 and 1965 Topps baseball. It makes sense financially for me to fill these in with as many of the commons as I can, and when I'm left with the big-money Mays, Rose, Mantles etc. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. But since condition isn't a big factor in my world, I did okay with the five 1972 cards I picked up this time.

There were plenty of vendors selling vintage cards and honestly, "I could have spent all day", but I didn't, and kept my sanity as well as my mortgage with just Vida Blue in Action and these four:

Now as it turns out, I'm also going pretty hard after the 2021 Topps Heritage set that mimics this set, and found a place that had a few of the high numbered short prints I need, plus this relic card:

Honestly, though, I spent more time digging through the boxes of one vendor near the front doors who had just a ton of the 1965s I was looking for. I picked up 20-something cards from this set, and it's what I enjoyed the most. I didn't scan all of them for you, but picked out some of the more well-known players I scooped up this time around. 


  1. Peralta's a good player by relic standards.

    Wills with the headless ump wins it though.

  2. Hey Jay,
    I have a box of about 300 or so 2021 Topps Heritage...yours if ya want them



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