Tuesday, November 16, 2021

1985 Looks a Lot Different From This Angle

1985 is another one of those Topps baseball years that, like 1981, I'd just sort of assumed I'd totally ignore when I resumed with my accumulation of cards. And yet from this angle, it - also like 1981 - is a pretty fantastic, dare I say iconic, design, isn't it? Perhaps it's the many Topps Archives and related cards that have totally aped the 1985 design over the years, but now it's become one of my favorites, and as such, I'm trying to pull together a set of these, ahem, 792 cards.

Something about the symmetry of the team name, team logo and image just works really well for me. I don't think anything from this set is worth more than a buck or two, but hey, that's not why we're here.

Here are a few more that came from Greg at Night Owl Cards, along with a couple others that trickled in this past couple of weeks. I'm partial to the Tug McGraw and Tony Pena cards, so we'll start with those.


  1. At the last card show I attended, I picked up the Tiffany version of the Mike Schmidt All-Star. Not a high-value card or anything, but very satisfying to put it in my binder next to the standard version.

  2. Ya, '85 is a beaut.

  3. I might be able to help you with some of these as well. Any chance you're going to the Fairfield show on Saturday? It's a great show and I'll probably go in the morning. If so, I can bring you some 1981 and 1985 Topps set needs.

    1. Found 46 cards for your 1981 Topps set... and 20 cards for your 1985 set. Let me know about the show and I'll bring them. Otherwise... maybe one of these weekends we can meet up at South Bay Sports Cards in Sunnyvale.


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