Thursday, November 18, 2021

A Quintet of New Age Performers

My 2021 Topps Heritage set is starting to come into view. I am still underwater a bit on the short-print, high-number cards in the set, but I suppose they'll come in time. The insert set from 2021 Heritage that I like best is this iteration of "New Age Performers", which they've had in previous series. They're based on the 1972 design, but there were no such New Age Performers in 1972 Topps baseball, as you may be aware.

Here's the checklist of the 25 cards included in 2021 Topps Heritage "New Age Performers". They're mostly young fellas, or not-quite-young but overperforming newcomers last year like Mike Yastrzemski. There's your 2021 AL Rookie of the Year, Randy Arozarena, feted as he is here due to his exceptional accomplishments in that weird 2020 postseason that now seems like kind of a long time ago.

I guess with this quintet of cards, and three more on the way, I'll have completed the 25-card insert set, so hurray for that, right? What an accomplishment! #lifegoals


  1. Ooh, you're way ahead of me in completing this set. I have only eight of the 25 cards from this set but I definitely intend to step up my efforts to complete this one. Topps did a pretty good job with this insert's design.

  2. I don't mind these as a recurring Heritage insert each year.


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