Friday, November 19, 2021

A Look at 2021 Topps Heritage Minors

Last year I got pretty good n' hopped-up about the 2020 Topps Heritage Minor Leagues set, based as they were on 1971 Topps, my second-favorite design of the 1970s. My favorite is 1972, so of course, just as I'm doing with major-league 2021 Topps Heritage, I'm also seeing if I might be able to pull together a bunch of the Minor League version of the know, because it's based on 1972 Topps.

I mean - are they as stunning as the original 1972 design? No, they are not. But something about the wild-card nature of prospect cards - which is totally thrilling to me and thousands of others, likely including you - and the attempt at coming close to the '72 Topps design; well, it's good enough for me.

I bought a "blaster box" - nothing makes me feel as much like an overgrown child as I do typing those words - of 2021 Topps Heritage Minors baseball cards. And lo, it was good! These blasters really go a long way toward getting a complete 220-card base set built, and of course, they include exciting things like autographs, parallels and inserts that we collecting types like to revel in.

I reckoned you probably may already know what the base cards look like, so I'm just scanning a couple of fellas from the San Francisco Giants organization who were part of my "blaster" to give you a flavor. I already scanned a couple of the base cards I'd ordered online as a "prequel" to this blaster here. Among my other base cards were a few guys I am familiar with, but no second Wander Franco card - but I did get a Wander Franco in Action.

Here are the two autograph cards I received. Can't young men sign their names any longer? I blame the internet.

The box came with these 3 cards in a special foil pack. These are the Topps 1972 Baseball Poster Cards, as I understand it. I like 'em! These are 3 of the 20 you can grab.

This, I suppose, is the most rare of the bunch - a parallel of one J.T. Ginn numbered 8/10.

Then there are these inserts that are meant to mimic the 1972 Topps Pack Cover. There are 22 of these to grab if you're so inclined.

Finally, there are minis. I don't like minis. If anyone has some of the other cool inserts I am looking for from this set, and you wanna trade them for any of these 'lil cards, let me know!


  1. Those are some sorry signatures. The poster cards are sharp. I hate minis too.

  2. Agree on the signatures, but Vargas is a pretty cool yanks prospects.

  3. Never seen those poster cards. I like that design.


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