Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Some New 2021 Donruss and a Couple 2020 Leaf Drafts

A new 2021 set came available the other day - and yeah, it's a Donruss, but you don't need to collect the whole thing do ya? Me, I'm all about grabbing the cards of the guys I collect and maybe a couple of others, then getting the hell out of the way.

They look pretty nice, I reckon. This Shohei Otani card has got his eye-popping 37.80 ERA from 2020 on the back, which was gathered in all of 1.2 innings before he got hurt again. The cards are sharp, clean and have that "new card smell". 

The first 30 cards in the set are Diamond Kings cards, and I decided to grab #28, Mike Yastrzemski. You'll see, below my scans of my other new 2021 Donruss cards, a couple 2020 examples from Leaf Draft as well. Full-width photos and also a fairly decent look and feel. Total of 50 cards in this set, one that it'd actually be kinda fun to pull together at some point.

Opening day tomorrow, folks!


  1. Joey Bart wins the round. Obviously.

  2. It seems the more and more I look at Donruss sets the more I want them. Same with this year. I ordered an hanging box which should eB here next week. Can’t wait to open them.
    I love the look of the Diamond King.

  3. It's amazing how similar Donruss and Topps look this year. And sadly that's not a compliment.

  4. Hoping I can find some Donruss. Always enjoy opening them.


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