Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Pablo Sandoval All Day Long

I've made no secret of the fact that Pablo Sandoval is my favorite active player in baseball, and that he's the one guy with lots of cards whom I'm nonetheless determined to collect in full. When the Giants let him go earlier in the shortened 2020 season, I was of course disappointed and reckoned I might never see the man play again - and then there he was, in the NL Championship Playoffs, popping up on second base for the Atlanta Braves in their futile quest to bring down the Dodgers. I screamed at my wife - "look! look who it is!!", but for some weird reason she didn't quite share my enthusiasm. 

Lately I've upped my Sandoval game a bit by buying as many affordable short-prints and numbered cards of his that I can find. COMC is good for that, if you don't mind paying through the nose to get your cards shipped to you within 3 weeks, as opposed to paying a little bit less to get them 4 months from now. I do mind - but I did it anyway.

Here are a few Pablos from that relatively recent order. Chromes and camos and numbers and stuff I've never seen before. Pablo on the Red Sox - that sure went well, didn't it? Bits of Pablo's uniform. It's certainly a strange hobby we have here.


  1. Sigh..I was rooting for him in Boston. He didn't have to be an All-Star caliber player, just solidify that 3rd base spot. Not sure what happened there.

  2. I really like Panda... and have pulled for him everywhere he's gone. I wonder where he'll land in 2021.


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