Thursday, April 30, 2020

A Few More Onyx Vintage Cards Arrived

Last week we talked a bit in this forum about the 2020 Onyx Vintage set, and how for a bit over $40, I received four prospect cards in their "hobby box". Granted, two of them had autographs, though one was a redemption slip for an autographed Luis Patino card, rather than the card itself. I wonder if they were counting on "breakage"?

I expressed a bit of chagrin about the whole thing, while also celebrating that these are beautiful cards and that feature every team's top 1-2 prospects, along with a few legendary players done up in the same style. I'm not sure I'll be buying a second hobby box - but let me say for the record that Onyx immediately redeemed my slip for the Patino autographed card, as you'll see to your left. Got it in yesterday's mail.

But then check this out. The entire reason I got interested in Onyx Vintage in the first place because they had a lovely card of San Francisco Giants prospect Joey Bart - whom I collect. I bought the hobby box for fortysomething dollars because I was hoping to land that card. I did not land that card. So I looked on eBay for a single. They're definitely out there, and most of the completed auctions for it are closing around $15 for the card.

Yet I saw another auction for 4 Onyx Vintage 2020 cards that started bidding at $2.25 - including the Joey Bart card. What the hell, I bid on the thing. Figured it would bid up to at least $15, and yet....I won the auction for $2.25. That's a bit better than I did on the hobby box, despite that these four cards don't have autographs. Ah, I'll just go to a bunch of minor league games this year with the cards in my hands and get the autographs myself, and......oh wait.

So here are my 4 new Onyx cards. I know Mackenzie Gore - he's supposed to be a beast of a pitching prospect for the Padres (have I ever mentioned that if the Giants don't win their division, it's the Padres I want to lose to? Always. Still true). I like $2.25 for four cards better than $40+ for four cards, how about you?


  1. Sweet! I love finding eBay deals like that, nice work. FWIW, that autograph looks really nice also!

  2. Solid design. Hope you're able to get your Bart signed in person one day. Are you still thinking about buying an autographed card on eBay? $15 seems like a pretty good price. I might want one... but obviously I don't want to bid against you.

    1. No, not right now - thank you. Go for it!

    2. cool. just added it to my watchlist


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