Thursday, February 25, 2021

One Project Closes, Another One Opens Right Up

With the arrival of the morning mail, today my Topps Heritage San Francisco Giants team set project has been completed. I dropped some big (for me) $$ on two Barry Bonds cards from 2002 and 2003 Heritage - $12 and $9, respectively - and another base card (Jeff Clark - who??) just arrived from a Canadian eBay seller. That's it. I did it. I now have every Giants Heritage card created from the start of the series in 2001 through today. 

This was accomplished by focusing on the base cards only. The inserts - mostly Chromes - are great, and I have a few of those, and perhaps in time I'll collect all of those, too. I will say that arranging the Heritage team sets in binders scratches some ultra-nerd primal itch, and they look fantastic together.

So now I'm onto a new goal: collect the complete Allen & Ginter San Francisco Giants team sets, from the start of the A&G series in 2006 through this past year, 2020. Oh sure, I know what some of you think about the Allen & Ginter stuff. I have some strong opinions on baseball cards myself. Yet I really enjoy the A&G olde-tyme look - the hand-painted images, the thick/sharp card stock, and the ancient fonts. Figured that these would all look really good together in a binder as well, and decided to challenge myself to put them together.

The rule on this one is similar but a little looser. Yes, I need to grab all of the Giants base cards, but also the more common Giants-related inserts: the "Longball Lore"s; the "Day to Remember"s; the "Baseball Legends" etc. There's almost always a McCovey and a Mays in every year's set, maybe a Marichal or a Cepeda, too. I need to get those before I can consider it complete. New York Giants count, too.

What doesn't count are minis, autographs, relics, and stuff that's so impossible to find that I'd just drive myself crazy and bankrupt trying to track it down. So: Allen & Ginter base cards and the more common extras, no minis. That's it. 

What you're looking at here is a complete 2016 SF Giants Allen & Ginter team set. What's not to love? I've also got 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 nailed - and nothing before 2015. Should be fun. 


  1. Congrats on completing the Heritage sets! There are some years of Ginter where I have a number of cards, others where I have just a few. I know I have a number from 2011. I'll try to look through my Giants binder tomorrow and pull them.

  2. Best of luck on the A&G project. I feel like there's a web site out there who focuses on selling team sets. Might be able to grab a few cheap ones over there.

  3. have you checked out I have used them a few times for Padres team sets.

  4. Congrats on the Heritage run completion, that is fantastic. They must look amazing all bindered up! Best of luck with A&G!


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