Friday, September 10, 2021

An Orlando Cepeda Mini-Collection

I didn't exactly set out to collect cards of one Orlando Cepeda - "the baby bull", and a San Francisco Giants legend - but it kind of worked out that way anyway. If you collect the Giants, then Cepeda cards will find their way to you - particularly because he's a legend, and therefore part of sets that have come out every year since he stopped playing in 1974. 

What's wild is that he was an MVP in 1967 for the St. Louis Cardinals - which I already knew - but not only that, he finished 15th in MVP voting in 1973 for the Boston Red Sox (!), a year before he retired. This I did not know. 

Most of my Cepeda cards aren't from his actual playing days, but I'll get there eventually. None of these are cards I actually went out and bought, aside from his 1962 Topps and Fleer cards - they came to me in trades, pretty much. He's a fairly affordable guy to collect and had a long and storied career. Here are 10 of the cards of his I have lying around.

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  1. Cool collection. I enjoy seeing Cepeda in his Giants uniform. I didn't truly appreciate him until later in life when he was inducted into Cooperstown. That's when I realized how impressive his numbers were. It took a couple of decades, but I finally grabbed his rookie card for my collection. The original plan was to crack it out of the case and get it signed by him at my friend's private signing, but for one reason or another, I never got it done.


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