Monday, August 23, 2021

10 Random New Arrivals for August

I took a multi-week break from writing during the month of August, and I hope you didn't delete Card Hemorrhage from your RSS reader as a result. Cards - well, cards just kept comin' in. As they must. Trades and one-off orders kept happening, and I've enriched the collection with a few more cards that I'm excited to have around.

I'm especially happy with this 1963 Fleer Orlando Cepeda card that I ordered off of eBay. I have never owned anything from this set before, and while I bid on the Willie Mays card from the same set, I lost that one about 5 seconds after I placed my bid. It's a great and very simple design, and I'll try to find some commons in this 67-card set where I can.

From a CardBarrel order, I was able to get some 2021 Topps Finest cards of the various players I collect. Here are three of them, so you know what to look for this year:

You may have heard that Kris Bryant is now a San Francisco Giant. This news was been well-received by Giants fans like me, so much so that I decided to add his 2021 Gypsy Queen "Tarot of the Diamond" card in that same order, even though it's with a Cubs uniform....

From Ken, who sends me all sorts of great stuff in our trades, I received these 4 cards, in addition to a whole mess of others. The McCovey card is from 2017, is numbered 293/299, and comes from a set I wasn't familiar with called "Topps Fire". How about that? The 2011 Beltran card is a real beauty from his 1/3rd of a year on the Giants. Also love the Duggar and Arozarena rookie cards.

Finally, I'm starting to really get a Paul Goldschmidt collection going good, thanks to trades. Thank you to any and all who've helped! His card-ography is pretty daunting but I've made a nice little dent the past couple of months. Here's a refractor from 2018 Topps Chrome.


  1. This is a good batch.

    Cepeda wins it, but the McCovey and Ohtani are nice as well. And Adell and Bart still have potential.

  2. Can never have enough Ohtani cards. Might need to check Cardbarrel out again at some point.

  3. Those are some super nice cards! Card Barrel is pretty much the only spot online I get cards from now.


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