Friday, April 16, 2021

Some Losing-Record Sox From The 1960s

In a blind trade made earlier this year - I'm pretty sure it was with Dave S., but if it was with you, I'm sorry for the brain fog! - I received five cards from a 1978 set made by TCMA called "The 1960s". Every one of my five gentleman had been a member of the Boston Red Sox that decade. They're photo cards, with nothing on the front, and the backs provide height, weight, birth date and some brief biographical information on the guy's career, both with the Red Sox and before/after.

Most of the 1960s were not kind to the Red Sox. They had losing records every year up through 1966, turning things around in a big way in 1967 and making it to the World Series. None of the guys among my five cards were part of that squad, nor the late 60s resurgence of the club.

This guy you see here, Lee Thomas, happens to be wearing his Los Angeles Angels cap, but he came over to Boston midway through the 1964 season and hit .257 with 13 home runs; then .271 / 22 HR / 75 RBI during an otherwise awful 1965 for the Sox. The 1978 TCMA "The 1960s" set contains a total of 293 cards, and these are the first I've seen of them. Here are four more glimpses of some 1960s Red Sox; in order, we have Frank Malzone; Earl Wilson; Felix Mantilla and Bill Monbouquette.


  1. And by contrast, the WHITE Sox were good until about 1967, then went into the toilet for the rest of the decade.

  2. I collect this set. KC A's, Colts, and Angels. Great cards. They look like unused photos from a Topps photographer (like how these American League pictures were taken in Yankee Stadium).


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