Thursday, April 8, 2021

A Thursday Batch of New Randoms

It's been a fun first week of baseball, and now that I'm fully vaccinated (one-dose J&J, over and out!), I'm fixing to get ready to go to a ballgame....waiting a couple more months, of course. But the end is near. A pandemic that totally ramped up my card accumulation - and gave birth to this blog in March 2020 - is now slowly showing signs of being something we'll eventually have in the rear-view mirror. Kudos and congratulations to the scientists, innovators and even some of the science-believing politicians who got us to this point. 

Now! On to the cards. Here's just a random mess of new randoms that found their way into my hands this past couple weeks. Here to your left you'll find San Francisco Giants center fielder Mauricio Dubon, and his 2020 Topps Inception card. I like it - and everything in this series - an awful lot. Where I live we just don't have Wal-Marts and Targets selling packs of baseball cards too much, and if we do, it's Topps flagship Series 1, and maybe some Heritage sets like Inception are either online-only for me, or something that I might one day be able to find at my local card store (shout-out to Lefty's in Burlingame, CA!). 

Man, I can't wait til they can actually haul out boxes of 1972 Topps and whatnot for me again; due to the pandemic, shopping there is pretty much "what you see on the floor or in the glass counter case in what's for sale"). 

Next up we've got an autographed card from 2020 Onyx Vintage - a Dodgers prospect named Omar Estevez. Pleased to meet you, Omar, and I hope you get traded to the Angels or A's.

I was not going to pass up this card from 2021 Topps Opening Day, no way. The Swinging Friar!

Here's a 2021 insert from that same set of a guy whom we all dig:

Random new Pablo Sandoval 2016 A&G "X" card to add to my player collection:

Giants catching prospect and first-round pick Patrick Bailey from 2020 Leaf Draft. He looks like one of my teenage son's ne'er do well friends.

New one from 2021 Topp Heritage:

...and finally, one of the great moments in San Francisco Giants history, and perhaps in my baseball-lovin' life, the 2014 Travis Ishikawa walk-off home run that sent the Giants to the World Series, immortalized on a 2015 Gypsy Queen insert:

Wait, did you just say you wanted to watch that walk-off? Right now? OK, here you go!


  1. Ishikawa! Bay Area legend.

  2. Those Inception cards are strange. I like them and don't like them all at the same time. Very collectible though.


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