Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Some Texas Leaguers & More Trade Fun

The other day a kind gentleman from up Canada way named Derek reached out to Card Hemorrhage; said he'd been reading the blog and whatnot, and what say he and I make a trade of some kind? 

Why, I jumped at the opportunity to do a little bit of commerce with Derek, and off we went. Now, him shipping to me and me shipping to him - well, it gets mighty expensive. So he and I did what two traders do when faced with such a conundrum, and we swapped the proverbial "PWE" in order to set things straight between us. He got a few Phillies and a few Blue Jays for his part. Me, I got me some 1987 Texas Leaguers!

I'll always get excited about minor league cards of any kind. As I may have mentioned a half or so dozen times, I even like the fellas who never made it, but let's admit it - it's a little more fun when they did, am I right? Like Kirt what-is-that-Manwaring, a legendary SF Giants catcher of yore! Here he is in his Shreveport Captains duds, donning the tools of ignorance, and happy in the comfort that he's a Texas League All-Star, by gum.

Here are a few more that Derek sent me:

Derek didn't stop there - though he could have! Nah, he also sent me a couple of 1960s wants for my collection, plus this other ephemera to boot. Gracias and thank you kindly from your neighbor down south, Derek!


  1. Man, Kirt Manwaring even had great cards in the minor leagues, too!

  2. Shipping anything other than a PWE to Canada is SO EXPENSIVE!

  3. Glad you like the cards! I like to think that my American trading partners are keeping the USPS alive. You forgot to mention that the initial package was going to cost $2000 to ship. Well, it might as well have been anyway. I'm always happy with a PWE!

  4. The Texas League cards are really nice for an '80s minor league issue. And the sparkly stadium sticker from Panini really brings back some childhood memories. I'll have to see if I can find a cheap box on eBay.


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