Monday, December 6, 2021

Card Show Hemorrhage, Part Four

OK, so I'm getting back to documenting the cards that I was able to procure at the Bay Area Sports Cards & Memorabilia Expo two weeks ago. As I said in a post last year - if you get a bunch of cool new cards, but aren't able to share them on your dorky card blog - did you really get them at all?

The whole morning and afternoon was such a frenzy that I've already kind of forgotten which crevices I dug these out of. So many dealers had interesting stuff to look at - I mean, the ones selling baseball cards, and not overly-priced Zion Williamson "slabs", Funko Pops and Pokemon cards - that I just kind of bumped myself along, table to table, sprinkling very small bills along the way. 

I found three 1959 Topps cards at good prices - stars of the era, even! Robin Roberts, Hoyt Wilhelm and Early Wynn. Is there something to the trope that people typically don't care much about pitcher cards, at least in terms of book values relative to those of hitters? I really don't pay any attention to book values, but that would seem to be the case. All three of these guys are in the hall of fame, and all 3 cards are in pretty good shape. If I paid any more than $3/each, I'd be surprised (it wouldn't be like me to do that).

I was able to find a couple of 1962 winners in a pile somewhere as well:

I had totally forgotten that John Elway had attempted to be a baseball player at one point. The 2005 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites series didn't, however, and I couldn't resist picking this one up:

Also, these guys. They're Dodgers, but I'll let it slide for 25 cents or whatever this ended up costing me:

I thought these two Allen & Ginter relics were lovely and affordable:

One of my all-time heroes, Juan Marichal, was one of the 24 Topps Baseball Scratch-Offs in 1971. Mine is clearly mis-printed (well, not clear to you, because I edited my scan a little) and was scratched off on the back, so I got it for a song:

Finally, I think this is only the second 1954 Bowman card to make it to my collection, after a Johnny Antonelli I got some time ago. I'm happy that it's Minnie Minoso, a guy whose cards I'm hoping to collect in full someday. That's it for now, until the next batch of scans.


  1. I think Minoso just made the Hall. Good get.

    I also like the Elway. Pretty sure he used his baseball talent to force the trade to Denver. Like if the Colts didn't trade him, he could play baseball instead.

  2. Love the '59s! That Robin Roberts was my first vintage card.

  3. Early Wynn has got to be one of the most undercollected HOFer's from his era. He never gets mentioned in articles or on television either. I don't know why that is, but does seem weird for someone who won 300 games to receive so little fanfare.

  4. Super sweet Minoso. I want one of those!


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