Saturday, December 11, 2021

Not Playing Baseball Scratch Off

I've had a pretty fun time pulling together the 2020 Topps Heritage Minor League set. I completed the base set - even the short prints - late last year, I reckon it was. But collecting being what collecting is, I knew that wasn't really the end of the story. I'd need to try to get at least some of the "Blue Border" or "White Border" variations, just to say I had some, and of course pull together the full set of those 1971 tribute scratch-off cards.

I have several of the real 1971 Topps "Play Baseball Scratch Off" inserts, and in order to get them at a decent price, I've typically bought ones that some child had already scratched off and defaced with a coin. I'm too lazy to look right now, but I think it's fair to say I don't have any in pristine, non-scratched-off condition.

By contrast, all 19 I've procured of the 30-card 2020 Topps Minor League Baseball "Play Baseball Scratch Off" inserts, made in tribute to that 1971 set, are pristine and in lovely shape. Some even feature guys who've already hit the majors, or who are about to. At least one or two is likely to become a superstar. 

I recently picked up a bunch more of these, which you can see pictured here.

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